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Twitter ye Not?

For those of you who missed my earlier post about Twitter you might have missed the burgeoning debate.  It really is getting quite heated.  Do feel free to join in here.

We’re up to 55 comments so far.

A proud moment

I realise my posting, for now, is a time  squeezed challenge so I hope I can, on the whole, only present quality.

What I’d like to share with you for now was the event I staged with Trevor Beattie (Sir Trevor in my post event opinion.  He did it and donated his fee to Operation Overlord.)

He talked about how to do great advertising without spending lots of money on it.

Of course he was able to show umpteen examples of this.  But the best pure idea he demonstrated was this.

As it coincidentally happens I agree, one of the great pop videos of all time. And I agreewith a minor point he made.  She could have shed the boots.


Fuck all.

As he said on the night.  Be proud to be cheap (but only if you do it well.)

But we are meat, not metal.
December 3, 2008, 3:34 pm
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Dave Trott writes some great things in his blog.

But the title of this log really blew me away. He was talking about human beings can be hypocritical (They diss speeding, then speed, they decry Maradonna’s hand of God but celebrate England’s equally dubious 1966 World Cup winning goal.)

And he sums it all up by saying “But we are meat, not metal.”

How brilliant an analogy is that?


Go Dave go…

OK it’s a bit after the event…

…but I never saw this at the time. I found it while researching my Napier project and it’s wonderful. Basically it’s a brilliant Apple Mac ad hijacked by Obama. Perfect targeting for a certain demograph and what a great way to sell yourself. Not sure if it’s a viral or a real ad, but judging from the lack of an “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message” ending I suspect that sadly it is the former.

Whatever, it’s great.

The look

This is the look that reflects the feeling you have when your advertising has been nominated for an award. The look that reflects the fact that despite being the only nomination in the category the judges decide not to give it an award; but to highly commend it.

It is not a gracious look.

It is not a grown up look but, frankly, it is not a look that should have to happen.

My opinion? If a category has no work deemed good enough for an award then don’t nominate the best of the worst.  No nominations. No bitter dissapointment. No griping.

I have been told I look right pissed off in this photo. I was, but not as pissed off as my creative colleagues, Pete and Iain would have been had they attended the event.

Wassup 2008

Not only is this very funny and a genius pastiche but it is a very true take on our current zeitgeist (yeah I know but it’s the right word.)

For those of you who don’t remember the vernacular hogging original it was truly the talk of the water cooler in 2000.

Recession? What recession?

If ever proof was needed that recessions do not necessarily dampen creativity take a look at this new spot for HSBC by JWT London. Now, the banking sector is not an area one might expect great creativity from at this moment in time. But this epic mini-movie with a soundtrack by the imperious Joanna Newsom takes some beating. In fact I voted it ahead of Hovis in this month’s Thinkbox poll.

It is truly wonderful. And nicely subversive.

And this is Newsom performing the song, in full, on Jools Holland. (Clam, Crab, Cockie Cowrie it’s called and can be found on The Milk Eyed Mender LP.)

Light at the end of the tunnel?
August 1, 2008, 4:42 pm
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the new trains

the new trains

Again and again I see glimmers of hope coming out of our present government’s think tank. Here’s a small (to some; not me) and not life-changing, but nonetheless brilliant initiative.

An Edinburgh design firm, Redpath, led by the larger than life Richard Irvine has completed a rebranding job for Transport Scotland that will see all of Scotland’s rail network (trains, signage and stations) uniformly branded.

You might say ‘so what’ but I say ‘fantastic’. If we want to act as a nation we need to present ourselves like a nation.

So First Scotrial, Strathclye Passenger Transport and whoever else has their own liveried trains chuntering about on the tracks of Scotland’s railways will be uniformly branded Scotrail and if the franchise changes the liveries won’t, only the train operator’s logo on door panels will.

Not only that, but the Saltire device from which it emanates will tie in with many of Scotland’s brands, like the Scottish Govt itself, NHS Scotland and so on.

I call it a victory for common sense and creativity and I take my hat off to all involved!

You can read more here.

The ‘Power’ 100
July 3, 2008, 8:51 am
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Apparently I am among the 100 most powerful people in Scottish media and marketing! I find that rather amusing. If you don’t believe me follow this link. Better still, cast a vote for me and I might not end up as the 100th most powerful person in Scottish Marketing, which would be decidedly disappointing having made the cut, so to speak – like Scotland reaching the final stages of a major football competition. Remember them?

You will note of course, if you read the small print on the poll, that I was in fact one of the judges. You can be assured that I left the room when my name came up for voting.

(Actually I didn’t, so had to put up with a sustained barrage of slagging and many, many reasons for my non-inclusion before the cheques I had posted to the other judges kicked in and did their job.)

What is also rather amusing is that the most powerful man in marketing, Alex Salmond, was not eligible for inclusion, which thankfully left a wee space for me to squeeze in in 100th place.

Ach, life’s a bitch, then you die.

June 4, 2008, 5:45 pm
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This is a living ad. Great punchline.


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