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August 22, 2016, 6:54 pm
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It’s been some summer.

Chicago, Newcastle, Elgin, Glasgow, London, Paris, Edinburgh, Cupar, Gleneagles.

And on Skype: Germany, Australia, Japan, New York, Holland, Cornwall.

Thank you to all my clients for your support.



What happens when media buying isn’t important.

One thing I dislike about the creation of ‘content’ for brands instead of ads is this sort of sloppy rubbish.

The lack of discipline that ‘free’ airtime imposes leads to mushy, over-long epics like this.

The central idea is pretty ridiculous and whilst the football footage is credible enough (difficult admittedly) it outstays its welcome by at least 3 minutes.

And returning to the idea…what is it?

What does it say about Nike other than Ronaldo uses their kit?

Gash.  IMHO.

Taboos smashed to bits by Bodyform.

In this spot by AMV for Bodyform decades of taboos are booted right into touch.

A splendid and brave production,.  Well done all.

As Jason Stone says in his David Reviews piece on the spot it actually follows what is essentially the convention in the category by showing a bunch of women being active during their periods; the difference being that this is real, gritty and shows the red stuff.

Of course Bodyform has previous in this category with this hilarious spoof…

My life is complete.
May 13, 2016, 3:41 pm
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I have a coaster.

For my quiz.

It’s important

.Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 16.40.05.png


“Apostrophes are wee arseholes.”

That is the single bestest sentence I’ve read in a long while.

It stemmed from a twitter conversation I had with Helen Sell of The Gate Interactive.

She’d posted this, decent, long copy ad for Currys, but my Lynne Truss-like eye spotted that slap dang gosh in the middle of it was an offence to mankind.



Come on Currys.  Come on.

And come on your agency too.

A bloody great retail ad spoiled by a wee arsehole.


Bristol Pounds


Did you know about Bristol Pounds?

I didn’t until I read Dave Trott’s blog about them.  Here it is.

It’s a new currency.  A what goes on in Bristol stays in Bristol currency.

And the new Mayor of Bristol is paying himself in his own currency.

(Clearly he has no travel plans.)

It’s sort of daft having a currency you can only spend in your own back yard: quaint really.

Niaive?  You could argue that it is.

But you know what?  It’s brilliant too.  It’s outrageously ‘outside of the box’.

Someone thought hard about that and I doff my titfer to them.


You wouldn’t Adam and Eve it. (Officer Dibble)

My first job in advertising was at the world famous Hall Advertising.  I even met my wife there.  Just before I started (1983 in fact) they ran a hugely, no massively, popular advertising campaign for the Royal Bank Of Scotland featuring the ‘cast’ of Top Cat.

Pete Mill and Rodger Stanier, were the creative team responsible for it and, along with John Denholm (the Suit), they spent memorable time working in California with Mr Hannah and Mr Barbera bringing the campaign to life.

Here’s a couple of the ads…

So imagine my shock at discovering that one of London’s hottest agencies, Adam and Eve, had also stumbled upon the SAME idea of using Top Cat but for rivals Halifax Building Society (part of HBOS Group).




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