Tipping point


Ok, I admit I’m not the first to read this. Partly because I was warned off it for being a bit of a one-trick pony.  But, having now read most of  I would not concur.  I is better than most business books because Malcolm Gladwell doesn’t spend half the book wittering on about what he’s about to tell you (unlike for example “How to have Kick-ass ideas”).


Instead he takes an already acknowledged phenomenon (how the tipping point is reached in the spreading of epidemics), explains it in some detail and then applies it to marketing.

I rather liked it I have to say.  It is very well written and whilst he dwells a little on the Sesame Sterreet and Blues Clues section it gets the point across well.

I would recommend it as a good marketing text book.

One thought on “Tipping point

  1. Agree with you on Gladwell. “The Tipping Point” is to business books what Glenfiddich is to single malts. Have you read “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die” (Random House US, Jan. 16, 2007, http://www.randomhouse.com/), by Chip Heath and Dan Heath?

    The promotional materials say that “Made to Stick” explores why people remember some ideas and not other “whether they are presented in an ad campaign, newspaper article or political speech.” Three questions that a press release says it answers: “Why do hoaxes like ‘kidney theft ring’ endure? Why do people believe the Mozart Effect, even if it isn’t true? How did a nonprofit manage to kill a super-fatty movie popcorn?”

    I picked up a copy of the advance readers’ edition of this one to see if I might want to review it on my book-review blog. And although I haven’t read it yet, it seems intended to build on — and cash in on — “The Tipping Point.” Maybe you have?
    Janice Harayda
    One-Minute Book Reviews

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