The perfect book for the perfect Pitch Doctor


I’ve just finished this amazing book on how to win advertising pitches by Jon Steel who wrote Truth, Lies and Advertising.

Whilst it starts rather smugly, and when I say rather smugly I actually mean totally up itself really if the truth be told (and how can it, it’s about advertising).

Jon Steel worked at Gooodby, Berlin and Silverstien, which is a magnificent US creative agency and (lest you ever miss the fact) he was the brains behind the ‘Got Milk’ campaign. Well, when I say the brains I really mean the ego. He name checks it four times in the opening 60 pages.

He also uses the OJ Simpson trial as a metaphor for pitching (Why not use real life experience I thought) and remorselessly criticises Marcia Clark for over-elaborating her prosecution evidence about OJ whilst himself over-elaborating the story.

He tells us that he has won 90% of his pitches.

Aye right.

Just like Rupert Howell told the IPA ten years ago that his minimum monthly fee was £40k for ANY client to gasps of admiration from a packed room.

When I cynically challenged him on the QT, by asking if he REALLY charged a minimum of £40k he admitted. “No chance, I’d never get away with that!”

Methinks Mr Steel is being creative with his statistics.

However he gets into his stride on the chapter about powerpoint. Now, I have been known myself to lambast the idiotic use of this very useful tool, but I could never do so as well as Mr Steel. It’s worth the hefty purchase price for that chapter alone.

In totality this is probably the best book on advertising (even if it is really about presenting) that I have ever read. I recommend it unreservedly.

I have posted my cheque to Amazon this very day to get the aforementioned Truth , Lies and Advertising sent to me.  I will no doubt keep you up to speed on that too in due course.

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