Think Hard sponsors Rust2Rome

Think Hard has just announced an exciting new sponsorship of one of the lead cars in the 2007 Rust2Rome rally which leaves from South Queensferryb at 10am on Saturday 2nd June and returns 2 weeks later after traversing Europe on its way to Rome.  All cars, including my old Merc were purchased for no more than £250 and I fully expect my classic Merc to be among the leading vehicles in the race.


For full details of the race and updates on how Marky’s Merc is doing click on the link above, the link in the blogroll or my personal blog at

The Apprentice

If, like me, you had any doubt that the merits of this season’s Apprentices were dubious you only had to watch last night’s episode for proof positive that we have a bunch of donkeys on our hands.

Quite the most hilarious episode of television in history.

See it at all costs.

Simon’s “erection” of a trampoline will forever feature in TV’s top clips.

It’s 5 to 5. It’s time for “crackerjack”

I’m a sucker for 50’s era packaging so I was delighted to pick up this fantastic box, with contents, at the Queensferry Raft Race this morning. It has a real Ronseal-esque quality about it. Long before anyone ever thought to remind people that the contents of a package did exactly what the packaging proclaimed.





I particularly like the slogans.

1 “Makes cracking a pleasure” and

2 “A most acceptable gift for any occasion.”

3 “Even a child can use it”

4 “Guaranteed for 3 years” – a seemingly random lifespan when they have lasted at least 50 I’d say.

5 “Open other end”. Why? If one was to remove them from the bottom, rather than the top of the box would some calamity occur?

They are wonderful things too. Look! What a great way to spend a pound!


Company naming

I’ve done quite a bit of company naming in my career, but on an occasional basis.  In the last year alone though I’ve tackled three projects.  My own, for a start.  Think Hard, to most, is a good marketing and strategic consultancy name. For the odd few it’s a good opportunity for porn gags; but I’m satisfied that overall it does the job.

However, I just did a pitch with my pal Ian Dommett at Golley Slater to rename an electronic gaming company in Newcastle.  I’m delighted to say that they liked our early thinking so much that not only did we win the pitch but the MD wanted to use the first name that Ian presented; 5 minutes into the pitch.

On the day!

Now that’s job satisfaction.  So all you  unsatisfied namees out there…get in touch!