It’s 5 to 5. It’s time for “crackerjack”

I’m a sucker for 50’s era packaging so I was delighted to pick up this fantastic box, with contents, at the Queensferry Raft Race this morning. It has a real Ronseal-esque quality about it. Long before anyone ever thought to remind people that the contents of a package did exactly what the packaging proclaimed.





I particularly like the slogans.

1 “Makes cracking a pleasure” and

2 “A most acceptable gift for any occasion.”

3 “Even a child can use it”

4 “Guaranteed for 3 years” – a seemingly random lifespan when they have lasted at least 50 I’d say.

5 “Open other end”. Why? If one was to remove them from the bottom, rather than the top of the box would some calamity occur?

They are wonderful things too. Look! What a great way to spend a pound!


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