Clever. Very clever.

This guy wrote a software programme and named it something like “This programme does nowt” and sent it for review to a bunch of software magazines. The fact is, there was nothing, no code, nada, on the disc. He got loads, hundreds, of five star reviews in their hope (he assumed) that he would paste the magazine’s award logo with a link onto his website.

He didn’t. He exposed them andit’sd Wodrpress’ blog of the day.

Up yours scam-mongers.

Read the whole story here. 

I have been thinking hard; honest


But you know what?

I’ve been too busy to write about it.

I was very much taken, though, by Alex Salmond’s Scottish Independence argument today and I’ve expressed my thoughts here.

Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t turned into a raging Nationalist.

But, the possibility is that maybe there’s someone at the helm of this country who can actually make a difference.

If so, Slange!