Ryanair misdemeanors


They are naughty wee chumps at Ryanair aren’t they?

They like to break the advertising rules, in fact any rules; and their latest humdinger is a Britney Spearsesque temptation.

They’re wee temptresses.

Cheap fares!

Bring it on! (But only if you want to travel in the clothes on your back.)

I’d like to show you the new teeny temptress ad but technology prevents me. But you can get a wee glimpse here.

The premise of their latest advertisement is simple. (I hesitate to call it a strategy.)

The prices are hot, so let’s show a hot burd in the ad; thought the agency.

Not just that.  Let’s make her a Schoolgurl.

Guess what? The ASA banned it.

Fair enough.

It was shit.

Sale now on

Another new campaign with 60 Watt, well technically speaking, two actually.

One for Edinburgh Carpet Warehouse


And one for Floors 4 U with my favourite pun of the year.  (They only do wooden flooring). Well, it’s only January.


Fit for purpose

The boys at 60 Watt have just done a great new campaign for Edinburgh Leisure, that I worked on that I really like.

Check this out.


That’s the chaps’version.

And this is the chapess’s.


Check 60 Watt out here.

We also made several thousand of those smiley devises and stuck them on wooden sticks to distribute around the gyms. They look fab and are really quite amusing.