Ryanair misdemeanors


They are naughty wee chumps at Ryanair aren’t they?

They like to break the advertising rules, in fact any rules; and their latest humdinger is a Britney Spearsesque temptation.

They’re wee temptresses.

Cheap fares!

Bring it on! (But only if you want to travel in the clothes on your back.)

I’d like to show you the new teeny temptress ad but technology prevents me. But you can get a wee glimpse here.

The premise of their latest advertisement is simple. (I hesitate to call it a strategy.)

The prices are hot, so let’s show a hot burd in the ad; thought the agency.

Not just that.  Let’s make her a Schoolgurl.

Guess what? The ASA banned it.

Fair enough.

It was shit.

5 thoughts on “Ryanair misdemeanors

  1. “Ryanair said that given the combined circulation of the newspapers the number of complaints was “insignificant”, showing that the most people did not find the ad offensive.”

    Slightly saddened that so few complained. Whatever happened the indignant letter of complaint? Or are we just so accustomed to bad taste that it no longer offends? Is any of this important when, as you rightly observe, it’s all just a pile of poop to begin with?

  2. Hi Mark

    Doing well. Up to my oxters in magazines – learning a lot and working with some good folk.

    Also making preparations for nuptuals this summer so it’s all rather hectic between now and July!

    I do like the flooring ad, by the way. I’m a sucker for a good pun, me!

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