Scotland’s best advertising ever?

I’m making a presentation to the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday and in it I have to demonstrate how good we are at advertising in Scotland.

So this is what I could find on Youtube that at least makes the cut. Some of it is very very fine indeed.

The best Tennent’s ad ever?

The best Irn Bru ad ever?

A rather nice VisitScotland ad that I was involved with at 1576.

and another…

Kwik Fit



3 thoughts on “Scotland’s best advertising ever?

  1. Mark,

    Good post.

    But I think some people might suggest ‘Galore’ as the best Tennent’s ad ever.

    (However for my part, I’d, wrongly, suggest ‘Japan’ for obvious reasons;-)

    For my money, and flying in the face of most, er, “pundits” over the years, ‘Foggy-Bummer’ trounces anything ever done in Scotland. Ever. (Did I say ever by the way?)

    Apart, of course, from the memorable work you oversaw, encouraged and nurtured, along with Rob Morrice presumably, during your tenure at Smarts.

    Wonderful unforgettable stuff.

    I’m sure much of it will also be on your reel for the Chamber of Commerce next Wednesday.

  2. Greetings from Miami Beach. While in Edinburgh about 20 years ago, I actually met the actor in “Calendonia”, along with the now-famous British film director, Dave Mackenzie. Both lovely people. The Calendonia ad seemed a big deal to us at the time- to see something on the TV that actually spoke about the Auld-Reekie world we lived in (not the one piped in via BBC/ITV) was very exciting. Kudos to the Leith bunch fro proving it was possible for Edinburgh to punch above their weight in a fresh, international, non-Festival, non-history book scale… Good times. Cheers 🙂

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