Breaking news.

Based on Rudyard Kipling’s iconic poem the new Irn Bru commercial has landed.  Set in various locations across Scotland and somewhere abroad it features some lovely vignettes.  Some work brilliantly, like the Loony Dooking pensioners (at 33 seconds) which struck a real chord with me, also the kissing Celtic and Rangers fans, the despondent Scotland fan with his wee lassie and the way folk choose the wrong descriptor for their meal times are all great.

Others are a less succesful and I’d question Martin Compston’s voiceover.

I feel the whole campaign suffers from being shackled by a weak strapline.  Phenomenal does nothing for me.  It’s unphenomenal frankly.

Overall it’s a nice , rather touching return to form.

But judge for yourselves.


3 thoughts on “If

  1. Mark

    I won’t comment on your comments, being slightly less directly involved in IRN-BRU advertising than I was in the past, but I thought your readers might be interested in the new IRN-BRU site at http://www.irn-bru.co.uk/. The new ad features prominently and you can upload your own version if you’re so inclined. It’s early days yet but someone has already posted a trailer-trash version about getting dolled up to put out the bins. There’s also a section on Ads That Never Ran. I got very dusty raiding the Leith archives and there’s a lot of interesting stuff that we’ll be releasing in waves. Apologies for the shameless use of your site to pimp this one.



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