The ‘Power’ 100

Apparently I am among the 100 most powerful people in Scottish media and marketing! I find that rather amusing. If you don’t believe me follow this link. Better still, cast a vote for me and I might not end up as the 100th most powerful person in Scottish Marketing, which would be decidedly disappointing having made the cut, so to speak – like Scotland reaching the final stages of a major football competition. Remember them?

You will note of course, if you read the small print on the poll, that I was in fact one of the judges. You can be assured that I left the room when my name came up for voting.

(Actually I didn’t, so had to put up with a sustained barrage of slagging and many, many reasons for my non-inclusion before the cheques I had posted to the other judges kicked in and did their job.)

What is also rather amusing is that the most powerful man in marketing, Alex Salmond, was not eligible for inclusion, which thankfully left a wee space for me to squeeze in in 100th place.

Ach, life’s a bitch, then you die.

2 thoughts on “The ‘Power’ 100

  1. Well done mate, well deserved , if you doubt yourself mate , you must have been well in with the judges !!!!!

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