don Galloway and Carol Coulter, a tribute.

If you knew Don and Carol like I know Don and Carol this would reduce you to tears as it did to me.

Don and Carol are two of the most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet and to work with.

I have had the privilege of both.

I first met both of them in the early 90’s at George Studios where they performed miracles with artwork. Carol the queen of Scotland’s typographers, Don, the king of cardboard box making. At 1576 we used them as our external studio before they approached us at the perfect point in time to set up a JV , an in-house artwork studio which we branded independently as Whitespace.

It grew and grew and in the late 90’s we agreed an MBO with them so that they could set off to pastures new to create what is now one of Scotland’s leading web and design studios.

When I left 1576 in 2002 I worked with them for a year in a non-exec/exec capacity and helped them plan an exit strategy for Don and Carol which came to fruition last month.

At their party Whitespace played this tribute to them.

You can see the love, and I mean that, that they engendered among their team.

They are both very special people and this is a very special tribute.



2 thoughts on “don Galloway and Carol Coulter, a tribute.

  1. Mark,

    Fine, true words.

    Don and Carol do engenedr love in people.

    Not least me.

    So much so thjat I asked Carol, (successfully) to marry me.

    ((Don was already spoken for.))

    However, Carol culd also as you know, be a ferociously tough boss.

    You may recall that when I was in charge of new business at whitespace, I was hopeless.

    So much so, that Carol called me into the boardroom and fired me.

    A first I think; being sacked by ones Misus.

    A class act indeed.

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