David ogilvy in the hands of a Greek tragedy

One of the greatest ad men of all time is David Ogilvy. And this year O and M is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

For some unaccountable reason one of Ogilvy’s branch offices, Bold Ogilvy and Mather in Athens, has decided to create a tribute song and film for him which has to go down in history as one of the most ill-judged tributes to mankind, never mind advertising.

I suspect the WPP share price (they own Ogilvy) will fall many percentile points once this reaches a wider audience.

Ogilvy wrote with with style and craft. He published one of the seminal advertising books “Ogilvy on Advertising.” and he is nothing short of an advertising collosus.

So, who thought it advisable to not only sanction this piece of crud, this cod, but worse still, to publish it outside the doors of Ogilvy and Mather? It’s maybe a spoof, if so it’s in rather bad taste.

Maybe it was done by Omnicom, or Publicis perhaps

I am humbly indebted to Doug Cook for sharing this with me.

3 thoughts on “David ogilvy in the hands of a Greek tragedy

  1. The highlights for me? Rhyming David with avid. The paean to liquid lunches. And the repeated use of “Dave Ogilvy”, an appellation that I suspect would’ve made the great man homicidal with fury. (Remember the “Why isn’t it Dave Abbott and David Trott?” talking point?)

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