Veteran? I’ll bloody veteran you!

From today’s Scotsman.



In my slimmer days


I am inedbted to Doug Cook for spotting and sending me this. It’s a recruitment ad for the very early days Leith Agency. I was an account man there at the time. The shot was taken from an award winning press campaign (I was the account handler) for The Edinburgh Club.  The original ad that the photo derived from featured an exaggerated ‘before and after’ comparison. Naturally, I was the ‘before’.

Anyway the Leith recruitment ad was essentially saying we want account handlers who are prepared to get their tits out.

It worked.

I left six months later to set up 1576 with Adrian and David.

That’ll teach ’em to give me a public profile!

Here it is at a more browser friendly size.



Now we’re talking

This is a Russian road safety ad encouraging the use of car seat belts.

It passes the “I don’t speak Russian” test.


More Cadbury indulgence

Another ‘event’ commercial from Cadbury’s and Fallon.

Funny?  Yes.

On brand?  Well… she’s wearing a purple dress.

Judge for yourself.


The Aussie (or is it ozzy?) way

An ad for a female depilation cream in the Australian Daily Telegraph.




A New role


I’ve just been asked to work as an advisor with a great design company in Manchester called Corporation Pop.  (Mancunian for tap water in case you were wondering.)

I’ve been working with them since last spring and have built up a really good relationship with their two directors, Dom and Dan.

It was reported in the North West yesterday, here.  And in The Drum, here.  And here.  My oh my.

They’re a great business and I’m really looking forward to it.