A proud moment

I realise my posting, for now, is a time  squeezed challenge so I hope I can, on the whole, only present quality.

What I’d like to share with you for now was the event I staged with Trevor Beattie (Sir Trevor in my post event opinion.  He did it and donated his fee to Operation Overlord.)

He talked about how to do great advertising without spending lots of money on it.

Of course he was able to show umpteen examples of this.  But the best pure idea he demonstrated was this.

As it coincidentally happens I agree, one of the great pop videos of all time. And I agreewith a minor point he made.  She could have shed the boots.


Fuck all.

As he said on the night.  Be proud to be cheap (but only if you do it well.)

religious advertising

I saw this excellent and stripped down ad hanging outside a church last week.

It’s an extremely tought provoking concept that captures the mood of the time brilliantly with a simple proposition and a clearly implied benefit.

Nice art direction and typography to boot.


Oh puleeeze

For god’s sake. Have a look at this pish.

If Dylan was dead he’d be turning in his grave.

Instead when they do his ‘Good Time Theme Hour’ radio show on video he can play it when the theme is ‘shite’.

Vacuous nonsense.  The sort of thing that gives advertising a bad name

Meltdown in the financial markets.

Where to start?

Goodwin?  I’ll save my breath; his type doesn’t merit comment.

My personal, and horrifying, observation stems from my time launching Direct Line’s Tracker PEP in 1999.  I questioned my client’s timeousness as I, personally, felt the market was overheating with the Footsie as it was at 4,400.

I was politely told to get back in my box.  What did I , a mere ad man know was the unsaid point.

Today, 10 years later it is 25% or so below that.

“It’s a long term game” they said then.