A very worthwhile industry charity effort…

Should get through the traffic OK.

Phil Adams of Blonde Digital,  is taking part in this summer’s Mongol Rally as part of a team called The Ambeciles (5 imbeciles in a secondhand ambulance). Check them out here  http://www.theambeciles.com/

More details on the rally itself here – http://mongolrally.theadventurists.com/

They are looking to build their fanbase on facebook as it gives them access to more corporate sponsorship to underwrite the not inconsiderable costs of undertaking the adventure. If they can point to loads of fans the sponsors will be more likely to support them so please help this really good cause by signing up as a fan at http://www.facebook.com/TheAmbeciles

The objective, ultimately, is to raise money for various charities with over £1,500 raised so far in total.

They are planning to give the charity side of this a big push in July but if you would like to help just go to http://www.justgiving.com/TheAmbeciles The principal beneficiary from the Edinburgh end of The Ambeciles is The Sick Kids Friends Foundation.