Back in the day

I have been striking this ridiculous pose for at least 20 years as this photo testifies.

Shot outside The Europa Hotel (the most bombed hotel in Europe) in about 1988.

The equally unattractive human being in the photo beside me is Damian McElholm. A keen country pursuits hobbyist.

He’s famous for replying to Gerry Farrell when he was asked what the shooting was like around here (Belfast, at the back end of “The Troubles”) replied “accurate.”

Mad men?

If the TV series Mad Men positions the ad industry as one of the great bastions of style in the 50’s and 60’s, what on earth happened in the 80’s?

This is what happened in the 80’s.

One of Scotland’s leading creative directors turned up for a Bass Ale shoot in the Crown Bar, Belfast, looking like…

Actually, words fail me.

Certainly some sort of Kajagoogoo reject.

I mean, where to start?

The shorts probably.

The T shirt?

The haircut?

The come to bed expression?

The boots?

And I then went on to form a business with this Gok Wan nightmare.

Caption competition. There may be a bottle of fizz in it for the person who posts the best comment to this picture.