Good old old Spice

The American campaign rolls along very nicely.

This would work in the UK.  I might even buy it.

Like the new strapline too…

David Ogilvy. The original Mad man?

Next Monday myself and Graeme Atha will be in conversation with Victor Brierley in a special one off documentary investigating the legend that was David Ogilvy.

Here’s a link to the 30 minute programme that goes out on Monday afternoon at 2.05.

Commercial magic

John Lewis has moved rapidly (just like M &S) from the ranks of advertising naysayers into amongst the greatest proponents of the craft.

This new Chrisrtmas outing is no exception with a sucker punch to die for.

use of The Smiths song, reinterpreted by Slow Moving Millie works to great effect and although carrying a few cliches and some slightly naff acting by the wee lad it is, nevertheless, a little bundle of Christmas joy.