Got a van?

Years ago I was responsible for taking a brief from my then client, Edinburgh Zoo.

They wanted their logo put on the side of their new van.

“That’s surely a bit of a missed opportunity is it not?” I asked.

“Why?” was the response “It’s just a van.”

“No it’s not” was my firm retort.  “It’s a poster.  And what’s more the media cost of it is free.”

I asked them to leave it with me and not long after I presented them with the idea (created by Rufus Wedderburn, now at Newhaven Communications) of creating a visual gag which made it look as if a Rhino was being transported across Edinburgh and that its horn had burst through the van’s roof.

They bought it.  And here she is in all her glory.

It won every ad award going and the citizens (and visitors) of Edinburgh delighted in seeing it every time it passed through the street.

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