My Vets 2 blog

As well as writing this blog and my own personal one I contribute to several others on a professional level.  Here’s one I wrote this morning for Vets2 that I thought I’d share with you…

A neologism is defined as a newly coined term, word, or phrase, that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into mainstream language.

So, here’s some veterinary neologisms what I wrote this morning.  Why not add some to the list and the best one wins a bottle of bubbly.

Come on, you can do better than me…

Veterinary.      Mr Carpenter’s (the boxing commentator) old age.
Surgeon.          Glaswegian colloquial name for the poet known as Betjeman.
Operation.      Reduced frequency of Arias.
Operate.          The equivalent of Trip Advisor for music buffs.
Diagnose.       What Prince Charles most liked about his now deceased wife’s face.
Diagnostic.     What Prince Charles’ now deceased wife may have felt about religion.
Swelling.         Great white fish.  Not as good as Cod though.
Stethoscope.  Greek man who is surviving current fiscal pressures.
Vets.                German wimps.
Laboratory.    Right wing dog.
Cataract.         Middle eastern country invading Saudi Arabia.
Cardiology.     A degree in Jumpers and jerseys.
Reproduction. The act of making fake Michelangelos.
Pathology.      The study of rubbish things.
Oncovirus.      The eight closest competitors of Toys ‘r Us.
Negligence.     Forgetting one’s nightie.
Catalogue.      What happens when feline surgery goes horribly wrong.
Dogmatic.       Operating on Fido on autopilot.
Spasm.            Tasty place for chilling.
Rigor Mortis.  Very thoroughly designed lock.