Superbowl thoughts

The Go Daddy ad with the geek and the goddess is a trifle ham-fisted in its scripting but it’s brilliantly cast and raised a giggle.

The Hyundai Santa Fe ad featuring the Flaming Lips makes me wonder how much money can your ad agency spend on a truly awful ad?

OK, so the Rav 4 ad at least has some fun in the script but really, the spare wheel’s gone?  Is that it?

No Clydesdales were killed in the naming of this pup…

If you’re prepared to forgive the questionable racial stereotyping in this ad for the new Beetle it’s a nice idea (Not exactly Bill Berbachesque but ok.)

Now here’s the thing.  A 30″ commercial with a proposition.  Thank the lord these still exist.

Probably the best of the crop albeit a slightly odd proposition.

You’re expecting more of a twist in the style of this classic (but it never comes)

Samsung’s Next Big Thing commercial.  Erm, it’s not the “next big thing” in advertising that’s for sure.  The worst ever use of Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. Pitiful.

(Oh and did I mention it’s way, way too long?)

Now this commercial for Kia looks incredible has a passable script.  But what was the point of it again?

There are many more but I don’t have the time or the inclination to keep going frankly.

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