Bringing out the inner beauty in women

Dove has managed to achieve something very believable in its brand.

The world over.

This is a campaign that it runs in Brazil featuring an FBI sketch artist who draws women from descriptions of themselves and by strangers.

It’s a wonderful piece of work.

Christmas 2013 ads. A poor crop.

I should like this as the core demograph.  I don’t.  It’s a rip off of Only a Woman by JLP in 2010.

This is an abomination.  It’s so bad it’s bad.

Oh come on.  Ant and Dec scoffing.  Is that it?

This is OK I suppose, great Lily Allan take on Keene, best of the bunch, but only just, and not a patch on previous efforts.

Poor bloody bear trying to sleep.

But I have to say it’s exploited well in store.

Hmmm.  It’s not exactly “here come the girls” is it.

Now we’re talking.  Sue Perkins says FUCK THAT EMOTION.  It’s 10% off.  I’m off to Asda!

This is how to do Christmas TV advertising…