Another good awards night.

More 'gongs' collected.

More ‘gongs’ collected.

One of the things I am often commissioned to do is to help my clients write marketing awards entries –  particularly effectiveness awards.

I believe there is a skill and a knack in doing these well, because you have to really engage judges with a good story and of course compelling results.  Often the results are really obvious but sometimes you need to take an ‘angle’ that my clients may not have spotted that will help their paper stand out.

Last week I landed my 51st Award for 27 different clients over the years, some for my own work but increasingly for other people’s work.

Specifically at The Marketing Star Awards, Scotland my papers picked up or contributed to;

  • Three Chairman’s awards
  • One Gold Award
  • Three Silver Awards
  • Two Bronze Awards
  • And three nominations

So, next time you want to enter something and you either can’t be bothered or don’t have the time, give me a shout.  Just to give you a flavour here’s the general highlights.  (NB this doesn’t include creative awards)

  • Scottish Marketing Awards (includes a Grand Prix)
  • IPA Effectiveness Awards (includes 3 Grand Prix’)
  • CIPR Awards
  • Marketing Excellence Awards (21 wins so far)
  • Scottish Recruitment Awards
  • Herald Digital Awards
  • DADI Awards
  • Purple Apple Awards (retail)
  • Scottish Legal Awards
  • Go Awards (procurement)
  • DBA Awards

Another Cannes contender.

Really rather hilarious pre roll commercial that starts with then ending.  (Pre roll is the stuff you have to watch online before you see the programme, the ads you skip.)

Geico, an American insurance company found a way to get people to not just watch, but enjoy, our 60 second sports.  Here’s how they achieved it.

Outrageously funny.

The ‘Like a Girl’ campaign

This US campaign by Leo Burnett in Chicago has been attracting a lot of positive criticism and is predicted to do well at the Cannes Advertising Festival this week.

It’s a strong piece of content sponsored by Always and kind of riffs off the long term success of Dove’s inner beauty campaign in that it taps into the inner feelings of ordinary girls who enter puberty under the largely subliminal prejudice that doing things ‘like a girl’ is pathetic and second best.  It aims to take this perhaps unintentional, but deeply ingrained, prejudice and show it for what it is, a demeaning and institutionalised put down and to eradicate it from American culture.

Certainly an ambitious objective; but in the land of sanpro where the convention has been to suggest that menstruation is a time for riding on horseback or surfboarding then this is to be applauded.

Here’s a taster.  What do you think?