Quite simply the best written website. Ever.

You want to read a website that inspires?

A website that puts Co culture at its core?

That nails its mission and imbues ever uttering with it?

That makes you want to work with this company with every bone in your body?

And every sinew in your heart?

If the answer to any or all of the above is, yes, then you want to read the Sequoia Capital website.

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Lessons in life and in business.

I was asked to contribute (as Chairman) to the new Creative Edinburgh blog so I thought I’d draw on some of my personal life-lessons after 30 years at the marketing coal face. ┬áIt is, of necessity, rather brief but I’m happy to elaborate with whoever thinks it might be interesting…

Things I am glad I was told


Mark Gorman shares an informed (and humorous) insight on business management in the creative industries.

Given that Creative Edinburgh is essentially about sharing (knowledge, experiences, contacts, opportunities and pizza) I thought it incumbent upon me as the Chair to share a few of my own personal insights gathered over nearly three decades as a creative practitioner.

What follows are the slides from a PPT deck that I created a couple of years ago for a talk I did in Newcastle. Although most of my career has been in advertising I believe the lessons can be applied to any creative business (in fact any business whatsoever).

Some are more serious that others.

Read it all here…

A brilliant business insight.

I had an amazing meeting with a client today wherein she suggested that some workplace problems/issues are like the one in this short film, and that, just like in relationships, instead of trying to jump into a solution simply letting the other party express the problem AS THEY SEE IT can actually go some way to resolving it.

And, of course, listening.