Marketing done good. Making a difference for Autistic children the world over.


Marketing is bad.

That’s drummed into us by the naysayers.

Advertising is evil. We all know that.  Maybe because it’s the bastard spawn of marketing.

But is it?

Me?  I’ve worked on behavioural change, mainly in the old school through (bastard spawn) advertising on smoking cessation, alcohol moderation, blood donation, healthy eating, organ donation and others.  Oh yes, and I’ve helped many charities fulfil their dreams, again through the bastard spawn.

But today the options are far wider.  Great marketing thinking comes in many shapes and forms. And with the arrival of apps less than a decade ago marketing was given a real chance to find new and exciting ways to further effect positive behavioural change.

Take this bloody brilliant thing that I stumbled upon today.  It’s a Korean campaign, based around an app, for autistic children.

Autistic children have difficulty making relationships and one of of the reasons is that they find it difficult to make eye contact and to then decipher emotional coding in people’s expressions.

But autistic children like hand held electronic devices and these DO hold their attention.

So Samsung has invested in an app that trains autistic children how facial expression works through a 15 minute daily programme.

It’s had a remarkable effect.

And you can see how and why here.

Now.  Is marketing so bad?

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