My board responsibilities. And why they are important.


I have chaired a charity for children for six years.  A musical theatre company for the record.

I am a trustee of a professional theatre co.  Another charity.  And have been for seven years.

I chair a creative membership organisation.  For four years so far.

I have been chair, advisor or council member of several more.  And part of my day job is providing advice to company boards.  Usually micro/small enterprises.

I am no guru but I take my responsibilities very seriously and have learned a great deal about governance from a number of highly responsible individuals.

It has been my privilege.

So I really do take offence at the behaviour of The Kids Company – a charity run by a highly charismatic lady who freely admits she is a loose canon (and that’s fine, were checks and measures in place to control her undoubted energy, enthusiasm and ability to engage with sponsors, funders and political and social/behavioural/societal influencers) but in this situation what she did not need were staff, trustees, a chairman and, believe it or not, even the Charity Commission – not to mention a government – that indulged her.  (In the latter case in the hope that some of Camila Batmanghelidjh’s charisma would rub off on them.)

This is the BBC article that exposes the findings of the The Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee.

It’s a disgrace frankly.


One thought on “My board responsibilities. And why they are important.

  1. Spot on Mark. Can’t help thinking she was indulged because of her cult of personality and perhaps even ethnicity, but clearly I’ve no proof of that. I’ve been involved in charitable boards myself and the checks and balances make it hard to believe that such huge errors of judgement were made. Jail would not be too harsh.

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