You wouldn’t Adam and Eve it. (Officer Dibble)

My first job in advertising was at the world famous Hall Advertising.  I even met my wife there.  Just before I started (1983 in fact) they ran a hugely, no massively, popular advertising campaign for the Royal Bank Of Scotland featuring the ‘cast’ of Top Cat.

Pete Mill and Rodger Stanier, were the creative team responsible for it and, along with John Denholm (the Suit), they spent memorable time working in California with Mr Hannah and Mr Barbera bringing the campaign to life.

Here’s a couple of the ads…

So imagine my shock at discovering that one of London’s hottest agencies, Adam and Eve, had also stumbled upon the SAME idea of using Top Cat but for rivals Halifax Building Society (part of HBOS Group).



6 thoughts on “You wouldn’t Adam and Eve it. (Officer Dibble)

  1. To be clear my comments were about the Halifax ad.

    What’s probably worthy of greater discussion is the sad commentary on the housing crisis in modern Britain their ad represents – Halifax are saying they are there to help desperate people who can only afford a dustbin to live in after being turned out of their local authority housing by a repressive state keen to conduct war on the poor?

  2. Ah, those were the days. Not an easy campaign to get through an exceptionally staid bank. Highlight of the experience, apart from meeting Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera in the flesh (both now sadly demised), was the client asking if the strapline – unashamedly stolen from the Top Cat franchise – would read better as “the undisputed leader.”

  3. Yup, a nice little reminder of the fun times at Hall Advertising. Credit to the bosses there too. CD’s Jim Downey and the legendary Tony Cox who coincidentally went on to be Creative Director in London, at DDB in 12 Bishops Bridge Road. The very same offices that Adam and Eve now occupy. Perhaps one of our old scripts fell out of his bag, ha, ha.

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