Sir Frank Lowe’s genius

Lowe Howard Spink and CDP are the agencies that I most associate with this giant of the industry.

Now retired, he is interviewed by Dave Dye.

It’s a lesson in how advertising works.

In some ways the man in advertising I admire most – He was the ‘creative’ that wasn’t a ‘creative’.

Here’s a picture or two to treat your eyes as well as your ears.

What’s even greater is the video archive that accompanies this.











Think Hard in the Press. Marketing Society Honorary Fellowship Award.

Well, it came as a surprise when Graeme Atha contacted me a few months ago to tell me, in confidence, that I had been tabled for not just a Fellowship of The Marketing Society, but an Honorary one.  The fact that I shared the honour with my great friend Charlie Robertson who passed away late last year made the event at The Sheraton in November all the more poignant.

Thank you to The Marketing Society for this recognition.  It really is a great honour.Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 09.38.08.png