The greatest marketing lecture you will ever see.

Simon Sinek is up there, but this is the business.

The most natural marketeer I ever came across.

Passion in abundance.

Creativity at its purest, at its most “why?”.

Get in there.

And, to boot, IMHO top 5 best ads ever made.

This is the best of the best. (Again IMHO.)

In case you haven’t seen the Simon Sinek, lecture here it is.

Oh dear Apple MacIntosh. You’ve changed.

Where once you sold the brand on emotion and an innate understanding of how the Mac unlocked creativity, like this…

…you now do it like this….

What a load of pompous PC-like tosh.

“This is what a pioneer looks like.”  she says smugly.

“The only way I could do this was with a  mac.” says Moby.

“All artists are like this.  You give us a new paintbox we go crazy.”  (Whereas mac users used to just BE crazy.)

“Truly worldwide democratisation of creativity.”

Oh please.  How many macs per head will you find in these countries?

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 13.52.22