Another good awards night.

More 'gongs' collected.

More ‘gongs’ collected.

One of the things I am often commissioned to do is to help my clients write marketing awards entries –  particularly effectiveness awards.

I believe there is a skill and a knack in doing these well, because you have to really engage judges with a good story and of course compelling results.  Often the results are really obvious but sometimes you need to take an ‘angle’ that my clients may not have spotted that will help their paper stand out.

Last week I landed my 51st Award for 27 different clients over the years, some for my own work but increasingly for other people’s work.

Specifically at The Marketing Star Awards, Scotland my papers picked up or contributed to;

  • Three Chairman’s awards
  • One Gold Award
  • Three Silver Awards
  • Two Bronze Awards
  • And three nominations

So, next time you want to enter something and you either can’t be bothered or don’t have the time, give me a shout.  Just to give you a flavour here’s the general highlights.  (NB this doesn’t include creative awards)

  • Scottish Marketing Awards (includes a Grand Prix)
  • IPA Effectiveness Awards (includes 3 Grand Prix’)
  • CIPR Awards
  • Marketing Excellence Awards (21 wins so far)
  • Scottish Recruitment Awards
  • Herald Digital Awards
  • DADI Awards
  • Purple Apple Awards (retail)
  • Scottish Legal Awards
  • Go Awards (procurement)
  • DBA Awards

Think Hard writes Gold award winning DBA: Design Effectiveness awards paper

I was delighted when Front Page won a gold for their work on Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Cruising For Excellence e-learning campaign.  It’s a massive project that we’ve been entering the length and breadth of the country winning Four Marketing Excellence Awards, two Herald Digital awards, a Dadi award and now the piece de resistance; Gold for digital in the DBA’s.  (In fact we’ve won 18 awards in total so far).

These really are a highly regarded awards scheme because they prove that design which is often very hard to qualify in terms of effectiveness can really return its investment.

Winning DBA gold

This brings the total of winning effectiveness awards papers that I’ve written to 35 for 21 different clients over the last 23 years.  It’s a service I provide so if you think you need a paper written for your top case study get in touch.

Think Hard gains four award nominations

Having written the papers for Front Page Design’s Cruising For Excellence case study for the Marketing Society Marketing Star Awards (to be held in Edinburgh on May 17th) I was delighted to hear that I have been nominated in all 4 categories that I entered.

Strategic Category – International
Communication Category – Digital
Communication Category – Event Marketing and Brand Activation
Sector Category – Tourism and Leisure

The look

This is the look that reflects the feeling you have when your advertising has been nominated for an award. The look that reflects the fact that despite being the only nomination in the category the judges decide not to give it an award; but to highly commend it.

It is not a gracious look.

It is not a grown up look but, frankly, it is not a look that should have to happen.

My opinion? If a category has no work deemed good enough for an award then don’t nominate the best of the worst.  No nominations. No bitter dissapointment. No griping.

I have been told I look right pissed off in this photo. I was, but not as pissed off as my creative colleagues, Pete and Iain would have been had they attended the event.

Awards night

Going to these awards tonight with 60 Watt.


We’ve got seven nominations, so we are quite hopeful. From my own point of view I’m up for the Overall Effectiveness Award with a paper I wrote for 60 Watt’s client, Edinburgh Leisure.

This is the venue. Hope the mince and tatties don’t go over the side!