Lessons in life and in business.

I was asked to contribute (as Chairman) to the new Creative Edinburgh blog so I thought I’d draw on some of my personal life-lessons after 30 years at the marketing coal face.  It is, of necessity, rather brief but I’m happy to elaborate with whoever thinks it might be interesting…

Things I am glad I was told


Mark Gorman shares an informed (and humorous) insight on business management in the creative industries.

Given that Creative Edinburgh is essentially about sharing (knowledge, experiences, contacts, opportunities and pizza) I thought it incumbent upon me as the Chair to share a few of my own personal insights gathered over nearly three decades as a creative practitioner.

What follows are the slides from a PPT deck that I created a couple of years ago for a talk I did in Newcastle. Although most of my career has been in advertising I believe the lessons can be applied to any creative business (in fact any business whatsoever).

Some are more serious that others.

Read it all here…

My Vets 2 blog

As well as writing this blog and my own personal one I contribute to several others on a professional level.  Here’s one I wrote this morning for Vets2 that I thought I’d share with you…

A neologism is defined as a newly coined term, word, or phrase, that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into mainstream language.

So, here’s some veterinary neologisms what I wrote this morning.  Why not add some to the list and the best one wins a bottle of bubbly.

Come on, you can do better than me…

Veterinary.      Mr Carpenter’s (the boxing commentator) old age.
Surgeon.          Glaswegian colloquial name for the poet known as Betjeman.
Operation.      Reduced frequency of Arias.
Operate.          The equivalent of Trip Advisor for music buffs.
Diagnose.       What Prince Charles most liked about his now deceased wife’s face.
Diagnostic.     What Prince Charles’ now deceased wife may have felt about religion.
Swelling.         Great white fish.  Not as good as Cod though.
Stethoscope.  Greek man who is surviving current fiscal pressures.
Vets.                German wimps.
Laboratory.    Right wing dog.
Cataract.         Middle eastern country invading Saudi Arabia.
Cardiology.     A degree in Jumpers and jerseys.
Reproduction. The act of making fake Michelangelos.
Pathology.      The study of rubbish things.
Oncovirus.      The eight closest competitors of Toys ‘r Us.
Negligence.     Forgetting one’s nightie.
Catalogue.      What happens when feline surgery goes horribly wrong.
Dogmatic.       Operating on Fido on autopilot.
Spasm.            Tasty place for chilling.
Rigor Mortis.  Very thoroughly designed lock.

I’m a pro blogger

with thanks to Hugh

Confidentiality doesn’t allow me to reveal for whom, but I was recently approached about writing a B2B blog for a client and having made a proposal have just been accepted, so, although I have written several websites I am now a fully qualified professional blogger.

To say I’m delighted would be an understatement.



When will my personal blog (much more interesting than this work thing) hit a million views? Try it out and win £100.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Pego’s Millions via my other blog at markgorman.wordpress.com.

After only a week you have donated a whopping £766 to St Columba’s Hospice. (My target is £1,000 but originally it was £500 so let’s see if we can power our way through that milestone this week).

The good news is that my site stats only grew by 5% last week so there’s still probably (at this rate) about 37 days until my millionth hit which remains at or around 21st December.

So, if you want another guess (and remember it’s all going to a good cause) plus the chance to win £100 and a bottle of Tesco’s finest bubbly you’re more than welcome to have another go.

Just visit this site and it’ll work it all out for you.  (Actually it won’t, you’ll need your wits about you but if you become unstuck just send me an email with your guess or stick it into the comments box on this post.)

It’s £10 a pop and all you have to do is estimate at what time and on what date markgorman.wordpress.com will hit its milllionth hit.

Imagine the excitement as the deadline approaches.

It’ll be just like that scene in The Scocial Network, for those of you that have seen it.