Truth in Advertising

Bowel cancer is no laughing matter.  It’s the third most common cancer in Scotland and reaps its revenge on weary 50 year old men that have enjoyed too fine a life. (Actually it takes on all sorts if the truth be told.)

And it’s embarrassing, because,where’s it best self -monitored, or worse, encountered?

That’s right, in the WC after examination of last night’s dinner.

So the Leith Agency has taken an admirably fresh, in fact humorous, approach to warning men of my age to check out their jobbies as they read the sports pages in their cludgie.

It’s great stuff. That’s why I wrote about it in my blogspot on All Media Scotland.

Funnily enough The Bridge, and my old pal Doug Cook took on the subject in a different way, but also in the cludgie, albeit in a slightly more restrained manner several years ago.  In fact you’d hardly call theirs a cludgie at all.  It’s a toilet, for sure.  (Even a bathroom for us Edinburgh folk).

You choose what works best for you.

In fact, let’s a have a poll shall we?

Worthy of mention

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  Largely because not much has made me sit up and take notice.  But this ad did when I saw it last night.  It’s by the Leith Agency and it’s a very fine piece of work indeed.

Featuring one of Scotland’s best actors, Elaine C Smith, it talks about breast cancer in a way that’s very real from an actor that’s very real.  The result?  A piece of communication that will make women waken up to the real issue and get themselves checked out.

Hats off to Clear Cast as well for clearing this.

No doubt some folks will take offense but they need to get a life.  (It’s described as a “shocking” TV ad on the BBC’s website but what’s “shocking” about it?)

I’ll tell you what’s shocking.  1 in 9 Scots women get breast cancer.  That’s what.