What happens when media buying isn’t important.

One thing I dislike about the creation of ‘content’ for brands instead of ads is this sort of sloppy rubbish.

The lack of discipline that ‘free’ airtime imposes leads to mushy, over-long epics like this.

The central idea is pretty ridiculous and whilst the football footage is credible enough (difficult admittedly) it outstays its welcome by at least 3 minutes.

And returning to the idea…what is it?

What does it say about Nike other than Ronaldo uses their kit?

Gash.  IMHO.


Three really great advertising talks

Over the last year I have been in the priveleged position of being able to attract great creative speakers to Scotland thanks to STV’s engagement with the advertising creative community and my role in facilitating it. My next speaker in April is Alvaro Sotomayor, Creative Director of Weiden and Kennedy, Amsterdam. But before that I have attracted a great (no legendary) bunch of speakers including Mark Waites (Mother), Trevor Beattie (BMB) and Sir John Hegarty (BBH). In addition Gerry Farrell was kind enough to speak for us in both Glasgow and Aberdeen about creating ideas. Most of these talks are now on STV’s website and here are the links.

I urge you to watch them.

Mark Waites.

Gerry Farrell.

Sir John Hegarty.

Napier University talk

I’m presenting a ‘master class” to the advertising course at Napier University and thought I’d use it as a way of discussing my all time favourite advertising, but I’m stumped for one of the ads I want to show. I can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone help?

It’s an old Nike press ad with a shot of a street at night. The headlines are set in perspective, gradually getting smaller as they near the horizon and the lines say

“Just one more block”

“Just one more lamppost”


Anyone have access to this that could email me a JPEG?

And guess what?

Here it is! Thanks to the wonderful Chris Miller who spotted that it was not a Nike ad at all, but Adidas.  It’s still a bloody peach though.