Social Marketing

Social marketing isn’t, like, facebook and twitter an’ all.

It’s the pursuit of behavioural change through marketing channels.

It most certainly includes “Old Skool” media such as TV and posters an’ all, but increasingly social MARKETING includes Social MEDIA, like facebook and Twitter an’ all.

Sometimes social marketeers usurp old skool marketing channels by leveraging their highly expensive TV airtime with communications that work online and we find ourselves in the reals of viral marketing.

(In Scotland The Leith Agency did it really well with the launch of their tsk tsk “Fanny” ads recently).

This Californian anti-smoking ad tries to do the same by being a bit fnaar, fnarr, risque pisque.

Knowing Californians (Pre Farrelley Brothers and Seth MacFarlane) this probably only aired once or twice (because they really aren’t into fart gags) and the real effort put online.

It’s hilarious.  It really is.  BUT.  Do you really think a few fart gags are going to change an addictive behaviour that it is lampooning in such away that merely makes the target market nod along in agreement.

“Yeah that’s me, that’s hilarious. In fact, my friend (sharing this experience with me) I’m so goddamed exhilerated by it, how about we go outside for a cigarette.”

Sorry, no cigar.

It’s a sketch.

Twitter ye Not?

For those of you who missed my earlier post about Twitter you might have missed the burgeoning debate.  It really is getting quite heated.  Do feel free to join in here.

We’re up to 55 comments so far.