A rather splendid and worthwhile project by Frame in Glasgow.

I really like and admire this.


Recent Work: Progressive Partnership.

Progressive-Mockup copy.jpgDoug Cook and I worked on this new website for Progressive Partnership.

It’s the main outcome of an overall positioning research project and a revamp of the entire suite of Progressive’s marketing and presentation collateral.

We slightly tweaked (updated) the branding and designed, wrote, built, filmed, photographed and marketed the new site.

We feel it’s a clean crisp, professional representation of a clean, crisp, professional outfit that has punched well above its weight in Scotland for many years.

Here’s to as succesful a future for Sarah, Diane, Carole and the gang as the past has been.

Sixth Sense

This is an interesting film from the world famous TED lectures demonstrating a new technology that purports to offer sixth sense technology.  It was developed at MIT by a post grad student, Pranav Mistry.   It has to be said it has a strong geek element about it, but it’s a very interesting development and application of existing technologies.  I wonder if it will ever come to be.  I certainly wouldn’t count it out.