Thinkbox’s new TV commercial is a good way to end the year.

Thinkbox is the industry body that represents the commercial interests of the commercial TV channels in the UK.  In this, their latest, commercial.

They use TV to demonstrate the power of TV.

How it magnifies the impact that brands can have.

Sweet.  Well done guys.

Recession? What recession?

If ever proof was needed that recessions do not necessarily dampen creativity take a look at this new spot for HSBC by JWT London. Now, the banking sector is not an area one might expect great creativity from at this moment in time. But this epic mini-movie with a soundtrack by the imperious Joanna Newsom takes some beating. In fact I voted it ahead of Hovis in this month’s Thinkbox poll.

It is truly wonderful. And nicely subversive.

And this is Newsom performing the song, in full, on Jools Holland. (Clam, Crab, Cockie Cowrie it’s called and can be found on The Milk Eyed Mender LP.)